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  • By Jodi Holzband
  • 2021-05-05 | May 05, 2021
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GRAV Introduces Pre-Filled Glass Joints in California
Glass Joints are filled with the highest quality flower from California’s Eel River Organics

GRAV, the industry leader in handcrafted glass smoking accessories, has officially entered its brand into the cannabis industry. GRAV partnered with Eel River Organics to provide the highest-quality flower in 100% reusable and recyclable packaging. GRAV Glass Joints® are a sustainable and radically natural way to enjoy this incredible plant.

“We looked for the finest, most potent, and most environmentally responsible flower for our California launch,” said David Daily, founder and CEO of GRAV. “We think cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate engaging more of their senses -- they can see the beautiful flower through the glass casing, as well as smell, taste, and touch,” said Daily. 

Eel River Organics cannabis is grown through dry farming, a process that produces premium flower in an environmentally sustainable way. The plants are naturally irrigated thanks to the location on the banks of the Eel River, without the use of added water, pesticides, and herbicides. This dry farming process results in a higher cannabinoid and terpene profile than other methods.

“Our partnership with GRAV matches really well with our environmental sustainability efforts,” said Jeff Guillot, CEO of Eel River Organics. “We love that consumers can reuse these joints or toss them in their recycling bin after use. We also know our customers will appreciate an on-the-go, long-use option,” Guillot said. 

Each 7-pack of GRAV Glass Joints ($40) is pre-filled with a total of ⅛ ounce Eel River Organics flower. The line includes four options: Electric (sativa), Cosmic (hybrid), Dreamy (indica), and Levitate (2:1 CBD). GRAV is also offering an optional 7-Pack Filling System for easy refills and an extra Glass Joint Mouthpiece. California dispensaries can order through the Filigreen or LeafLink portals.

Consumers can purchase GRAV Glass Joints through Eaze, the cannabis delivery service, and at dispensaries across the state. Contact your local dispensary for hours and availability.

GRAV will also soon be offering GRAV Glass Joints filled with terpene rich, premium CBD hemp flower across the U.S. Each strain will exhibit trichome frosted flowers that present a plentiful diversity of desirable cannabinoids including CBDV, CBG, and CBC. 

About Eel River Organics

Eel River Organics cannabis is sun-grown in the living soil of the Eel River Valley. By working in harmony with nature, four generations of farmers have harnessed the abundance of this perfectly situated terroir to produce whole-flower, full-spectrum cannabis products. The magic is in the soil itself – its sublime perfection nourishes the most extraordinary plants, for cannabis products that capture all the flavor, potency and enjoyment that Mother Nature intended. Eel River Organics products earned Emerald Cup awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019.



  • Alika Atay on

    I have a USDA Hemp Growers License and am interested in purchasing your glass joints So that I Fill them with My own Maui Wowie Natural Farmed Flowers. Do you have your glass joints available for wholesale orders.

  • Warren Bobrow on

    you’ve done something completely different, yet totally mobile in nature. The ease that your product offers is paramount only to the delightfully unctuousness of the Eel River terroir. Your design is impeccable and the smoke is deeply mindful. I’m happy to have found your wares and they are beyond what I anticipated initially.

  • P Lee Fair on

    Where can I buy some pre roll

  • Deborah Roseberry-Temko on

    Levitate prerolls from grav are my favorite. Waze in Sf is out of them where else are they available by 94019 Pacifica fica half moon bay or sf

  • K on

    I ordered the for the first time on Eaze. Although I needed to do a bit of research how to smoke it. Once I figured it out…amazing! Great product. Very smooth. These are my new thing.

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