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Get The Lavender Globe While You Still Can

The GRAV® Globe Bubbler has been a top-rated piece ever since it was first released in 2022. Its moody cousin, the Globe Bubbler in Smoke, brooded onto the scene in gray-green glass shortly after.  

Now we’re adding a new member to the family: the limited release Lavender Globe Bubbler dab rig. 

Woman holding Lavender Globe Dab Rig in flower field.

Like the rest of the collection, the Lavender Globe has a 10-hole conical perc for smooth pulls through cooling water. The open orb collects plenty of smoke that you can clear in one big gulp. And the round design sits in your palm like it was designed for your hand.

But this beauty is now available in limited edition lavender glass. PLUS it comes with our 90° Long Neck Banger. That’s right. It’s a dab rig. You can swap out any GRAV® 14mm bowl if you want to smoke flower instead.  

Now, we could have just made this baby in simple lavender glass. But we decided to have a little fun. While the globe is translucent so you can get a good look at your smoke, the conical perc and mouthpiece are an opaque pearly purple. With this unusual color scheme, the Lavender Globe is a GRAV® 2023 collectible you don’t want to miss. 

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Why Lavender? 

Of all the colors of the rainbow, why release the Globe in lavender? Here’s what designer Micah Evans had to say: 

"I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for several years and fell in love with the way those mountains faded into the distance through the mist. Since then, I have made a series of pieces with the layered construction found in the Globe Bubbler, referencing those mountains in North Carolina. With the Lavender Globe, I chose one of my favorite colors we work with, transparent lavender, and paired it with an opaque lavender that is new to our color catalog. By alternating those colors, I was able to mimic those layering landscapes.”

Lavender Globe Dab Rig in flower field.

This new release is our first two-tone piece, but it certainly won’t be the last. This is a new process for us and we plan to dive in headfirst. Expect more favorite pieces in new color combinations coming down the line to add to your collection of smokeables. 

But before that day, it’s all about the lavender haze. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

Why a Banger Instead of a Bowl?

The original Globe comes with a 14mm cup bowl for flower. But it works like a dream for concentrates. As Micah explains, “The interior cone on the Globe not only references those mountains of my past, but it is vital to the function of the Globe Bubbler. That cone displaces what would have been a lot of negative space in the perc and helps direct the smoke to flow evenly to every hole. It also provides what I consider a perfect drag for concentrates.”

With the piece such a natural fit for dabs, we chose to pair the Lavender Globe with our new 90° Long Neck Banger. 

“The Long Neck Banger has an extended reach, stretching just a little further away from the body of the Globe Bubbler,” Micah says. “This will help prevent any accidental heating of the globe when preparing the temperature on the banger."

 Long Neck Banger

Don’t Sleep On It…

The Lavender Globe dab rig comes in verrrry limited quantities. A real “you snooze, you lose” situation. And we hate to think of you missing out. 

In short: it’s our Globe Bubbler. But it’s a dab rig that pulls smoother than melted butter. It’s made from two distinct tones of lavender glass. And it won’t be here long.

Bring it home.

Hand holding Lavender Globe Dab Rig in flower field.

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