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  • By Conor Scully
  • 2021-04-05 | Apr 05, 2021
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It’s been a long road getting here. We’ve wanted to sell GRAV pipes straight to GRAV fans since day one, but it’s been 9 years instead. You can’t imagine how excited we are as a team to see orders coming through, chats popping up, accounts being created. For many of you reading this, you might look at GRAV.COM as just another place to shop. But for us, it’s a deeply meaningful moment, and we’re proud and intimidated all at once.

The people who use our glass have always been our harshest critics and our strongest supporters. You’re the reason we work so hard. We want to hear from you, design for you, and share the way we think and do business directly with you. As much as we love our shops and retail partners (we wouldn’t be here without them), it’s hard to get a sense of what folks need and want when we’re a manager, buyer, and clerk removed from the customer. We hope our online store will bring us closer to those customers and the pipe world’s pulse.

Every member of our team had a hand in pulling GRAV.COM out of our imaginations and into existence, but there were a select few who really went all out to build you the best possible experience. We want to celebrate them here. 

GRAV® | Kirsten wrote the code!

Kirsten wrote the code.  When you click and something happens, you have her to thank.

GRAV® | Tanya led the design!

Tanya led the design.  The gorgeous pictures, smooth flow, and beautiful branding are her babies. Thanks for classin’ up the joint, Tanya!

GRAV® | Jarren and Vince organized the data!

Jarren and Vince organized the data. Want to see a pipe’s specs or if it’s in stock?  That’s all them.

GRAV® | Nene packages your orders!

Nene leads the warehouse team.  Your package arrived on time and intact?  She did that! (if it was late or broken, that was FedEx)

GRAV® | Nikki & Sydney are the GRAV Support Team!

Sydney and Nikki are your GRAV Support Team.  They answer your questions, claims, chats, and calls. So show off your good manners!

GRAV® | Cat is our IT Guru!

Cat is our IT Guru.  When the site crashes, he turns it off, turns it back on, and we’re good to go.

GRAV® | Tristan the Fearless!

And last but not least, our fearless leader, Tristan, led the whole project.  He set the deadline, herded the cats, and dispelled all the doubts.  Thank you, Tristan!
GRAV® | Thanks from all of us at GRAV!
And much love to you, the customer, from everyone at GRAV!

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