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  • By Brandon Minton
  • 2022-10-26 | Oct 26, 2022
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Who's Pro Cannabis on the Texas Ballot?

This year Texans are casting their ballots for state leaders and district-based representatives. The governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, land commissioner, and agriculture commissioner are all up for election.

Additionally, Members of the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil and gas, and various state courts are up for election to six-year terms. Some Texas communities will also hold elections for city, county, and school board offices and local bonds or propositions.

Early voting has started, and we encourage all Texans to vote. This list is focused on candidates who have gone on record as pro-cannabis reform. Each candidate on this list has stated they would be for reducing penalties for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, expanding the Texas medical marijuana program, and pressing the federal government to end cannabis prohibition nationwide.

We encourage everyone to vote for whatever candidate they choose, regardless of their stance on cannabis. More than anything, exercising your right to vote and choose who our leaders are is an important aspect of being a responsible citizen.

Important Dates

OCT 24

First Day of Early Voting in Person

OCT 28

Last Day to Apply for a Ballot by Mail

The last day to apply for a ballot by mail for November 8, 2022 General Election.


Last Day of Early Voting in Person

Last Day of Early Voting in Person for November 8, 2022 General Election.


Election Day

Pro-Marijuana Policy Reform Candidates

State Governor

Beto O’Rourke - “I support the legalization of cannabis as well as efforts to make medical cannabis more accessible and affordable for all who need it.”

Mark Tippets- “Republicans in Texas and Democrats in Washington have failed to legalize marijuana. That’s one of the reasons I’m a Libertarian. Voting Libertarian sends a clear message you support marijuana legalization. I hope to have your vote.”

Lt. Governor

Mike Collier- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep. District 3

Christopher Claytor- “I’ve been a supporter of NORML since 1986.”

U.S. Rep District 4

Iro Omere- “I will support and ensure legislation is passed to legalize the sale/ recreational use of cannabis is legalized in all states. I will also include set asides and specific waivers to allow women and minority business access to the cannabis business.”

U.S. Rep. District 5

Kevin Hale- “I want 100% freedom when dealing with cannabis. You should be able to grow, cultivate, sell, and use all its wonderful derivatives. Victims of cannabis laws should be freed and have their records expunged.”

U.S. Rep District 7

Lizzie Fletcher- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 8

Laura Jones- “It is past time for marijuana to be legalized.”

U.S. Rep District 10

Bill Kelsey- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 12

Trey J Hunt- “Marijuana should be decriminalized, regulated, and taxed. Citizens released, safety in the product is guaranteed, and a robust source of revenue to ensure civil and social products.”

U.S. Rep District 14

Mikal Williams- “States should be able to regulate the taxation and sale of marijuana. Those tax dollars should be reinvested in health care and education.”

U.S. Rep District 15

Ross Lyn Leon- “Treat it like any other prescription.”

Michelle Vallejo- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 16

Veronica Escobar- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 18

Sheila Jackson Lee- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 19

Nathan Lewis- “I suppose it's Okay to let states decide, but I very much think it should be legalized everywhere, and just because you live in a state that criminalized it doesn’t mean that some lives aren’t destroyed.”

U.S. Rep District 22

Joseph Leblanc- “The war on drugs has created a black market that is responsible for much of the violence in our nation today. We have needed to decriminalize marijuana for decades.”

U.S. Rep District 23

Tony Gonzales- On record as a pro-marijuana law reform candidate.

U.S. Rep District 26

Mike Collis- “Cannabis is a product that should be freely traded. There should be no restrictions on its sale, growth, possession, or use.”

U.S. Rep District 30

Jasmine Crockett- “I am a strong supporter of cannabis and am proud to have filed more marijuana related legislation than any other in the 87th legislative session. I support decriminalization, legalization, medical, and recreational cannabis.

Phil Gray- “My goal is to end the war on drugs at the federal level. We have spent billions and allowed law enforcement intrusion into our lives, and lost our rights all for so little. So much effort and the price on the street is less than that 30 years ago.”

Zacharia Manning- “Cannabis should be legal on the federal level for recreational use and regulated similarly to liquor.”

U.S. Rep District 33

Ken Ashby- “I fully endorse the position that adults have the rights to make decisions for themselves, including what they may consume without government interference.”

U.S. Rep District 35

Greg Casar- “I authorized successful policies that ended all arrest and citations for personal cannabis in Austin. I will fight for the MORE act to legalize marijuana, expunge past records, and ensure new funds go to mental health and substance use services.”

U.S. Rep District 37

Clark Patterson- “The US drug war should be ended immediately and all Americans arrested, indicted, or convicted of possession or use of any drug should be pardoned and their criminal records expunged. The US drug war is not a war on drugs, it is a war on drug users.”

Lloyd Doggett- “Long supported legalizing marijuana and voted against state control. I’m again sponsoring the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment & Expungement Act.”

Candidates Not Listed

If a district was not listed here it means that either no candidate for that district was pro-marijuana reform, or the candidates have not given an on record position in the matter. Of the candidates polled by various outlets, zero republican candidates responded in an affirmative position, while the majority of affirmative candidates were libertarian and democratic. 

For more information on the upcoming Texas Election and more in-depth coverage of candidates please visit the League of Women Voters website, the Texas Chapter of NORML voters guide for cannabis focused inquiries, and the Texas Tribune voters guide.

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