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  • 2022-10-20 | Oct 20, 2022
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Upgrade Your Bong Sesh With GRAV Accessories

If you love to take bong rips, you know that not all bongs are equal. GRAV prides itself on its innovative bongs, dab rigs, and even our glass pipe accessories. We want you to have the best smoke session possible, and this post is about improving your pipe by upgrading your bong parts and session activities. 

How Does a Bong Work?

You probably already know, but here is a refresher on how a bong works. After loading the bong's bowl with ground cannabis, the bowl is ignited with a flame, and a vacuum is made by inhaling through the mouthpiece. Smoke is pulled through the bowl and into the bong and filtered by the downstem and percolators. The filtered hit is stored in the bong until the bowl is removed and inhaled.

How to Upgrade Your Bong

There are several methods of improving your bong's performance. First, you can do some simple cleaning to make your hits fresh and clean. Another way of upgrading your bong is to change the style of the bowl, or you could even convert your bong into a dab rig. Finally, one of the best ways to improve your bong is to add an ash catcher. We'll take a closer look at each method.

Improve Your Bongs Performance by Cleaning

The least expensive way to improve your bong sessions is to give your bong a quick clean.

A fast way to clean your bong is to pour a solution of warm soapy water, isopropyl alcohol, and sea salt into the mouthpiece, body, and downstem. Let that solution soak for a while, then shake the pipe for another few minutes. Next, give your bong a thorough rinse with hot water and then clean the bowl using the same method but instead, drop it in a plastic container first.

After cleaning your bong, your next session will be fresher and tastier than it has in a while. Do this once a month for light use or once a week for heavy use.

Upgrade Your Bong's Bowl

Changing the old slide bowl from your bong to a clean bowl that functions better will make a difference in your bong rips. Choose a bowl that has a suitable capacity for how much you smoke. 

If you don't like harshness in your hits, find a bowl with a filter and a smaller volume. The Helix Taster bowl is perfect for cashing in one hit and is easy to clean. 

helix taster bowl

Or you can go for a high-capacity bong bowl like the GRAV Basin or Caldera bowls. These bong bowls ramp up the size and duration of your bong hits. 

How to Convert Your Bong to a Dab Rig

If your bong is on the medium to the small side, you can probably convert it to a dab rig. Bongs with minimal percolation and small chambers are great for use as dab rigs. Make sure you start with a clean bong.

GRAV seamless quartz banger

To change your bong into a dab rig, you need a quartz banger the same joint size as the bowl you use. Next, consider the angle of the downstem on your bowl. Most bong downstems have a 45-degree angle, so you'll want to get a matching banger. Finally, pair the banger with a carb cap and put a low water line in your bong to fully convert your bong into a dar rig.

Add an Ash Catcher to Your Bong

Supercharge the performance of your bong by adding an Ash Catcher. GRAV has the best modern Ash Catchers that function perfectly and have unique features. 

An Ash Catcher converts your regular bowl into a bubbler bowl and keeps your bong clean by trapping particles in the ash catcher chamber before it clogs the bong.

Phoenix Ash Catcher

The legendary GRAV Phoenix Ash Catcher provides extra percolation and the option to cool and flavor your bong hits. The overflow chamber can be filled with ice and citrus peels or used as extra space to trap ash. The Phoenix Ash Catcher levels your bong into a super-filtered, hard-hitting smoke show.

The Best Way to Upgrade Your Bong, Get a New One

Small Wide Base Bong

If your old bong looks ragged and a new bowl is not going to do the trick, why not get a new smoke setup and treat yourself with a new water pipe?

Our selection of tubes and beakers is unrivaled, and each GRAV bong has unique features that add fun and functionality to your smoke sesh. So feel free to shop our Water Pipes Collection and find yourself the best bong upgrade!


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