Downstem Issues - GRAV®

Downstem Issues

The most common issues with downstems are issues with fit.  Sometimes the bulb of a downstem might not fit through the opening of the ground joint.  Sometimes the downstem is too long, and its tip hits the base of the water pipe.  In either of these cases, please reach out to our Support Team for a replacement.

Downstems can get clogged, limiting airflow through the pipe.  If the downstem is removable, simply take it out and clean it.  You can refer to the cleaning section of our FAQ list for guidance.  If the downstem is fixed inside the pipe, you’ll need to clean the entire pipe to unclog it.

Downstems can get stuck inside a ground joint, such that it feels like they can’t be removed for cleaning.  In this case, try heating the joint with a lighter or torch to loosen the seal.  If this doesn’t work, try taking something that vibrates - such as an electric toothbrush - and hold it against the side of the joint.  The vibrations should loosen the seal between the downstem and joint, allowing you to retrieve the downstem.