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question:     Fire-Button™ Issues

Because the Fire-Button™ is electronic, please read its guidelines (included in the box) before using it. The Fire-Button™ can only be used with the charger with which it’s sold.  Otherwise, the battery can explode from an excess of unregulated charge. If over time, the charger doesn’t glow green and you believe it’s defective, please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance. You shouldn’t use your Fire-Button™ while it charges as this can cause the unit to overheat which degrades its lifespan. Because the battery is sensitive to temperature, you shouldn’t expose your Fire-Button™ to excessive heat, such as leaving it in a car or outside.

When using the Fire-Button™, always be mindful of the skillet as it can burn you on contact if you touch it before it cools down. Also, be careful how much plant extract you load. The recommended load is about the size of a BB.  If you load more than this, you may flood the skillet. To avoid this, try rolling your product into an oblong shape and slowly touching it to the skillet.

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