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question:     Helix™ Issues

The most common issue with Helix™ products is the airflow.  If you don’t think your Helix™ is spinning the smoke properly, test its function using a small piece of paper about the size of a BB.  Place the ball of paper in the Venturi chamber mouthpiece.  If you’re testing a hand pipe, cover the carb with your finger.  If you’re testing a water pipe, make sure the bowl is in place.  Inhale from the mouthpiece as you would during use, steadily but firmly pulling air through the Venturi chamber.  The ball of paper should spin around inside the chamber in a consistent clockwise motion.  If it doesn’t, please reach out to our Support Team for guidance.

The purpose of the Helix™ design is to aerate and cool smoke.  However, this can sometimes result in hits that are too light for veteran smokers.  Please be aware of a product’s intended use before purchasing anything from GRAV®.  If you have a Helix™ but want to occasionally take more traditional hits, you can cover one or more of the air intake holes temporarily with a small segment of clear tape.  The more holes you cover, the denser the hits will become.  Be advised: doing this will disrupt the spinning action until the tape is removed.

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