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question:     What is American Helix?

The Venturi chamber mouthpiece featured across the Helix line was developed by a Texan glassblower named Will Menzies.  Will partnered with Dave Daily, GRAV’s founder, to rebrand the V-Tech hand pipe as the Helix Classic, and together they created several new designs to form the basis of the Helix family.  As the popularity of Helix grew, Dave became more interested in production and development of new designs, while Will focused on artistic variation.  They parted ways, and Will created a new company called American Helix.  They make Helix pipes in a more heady style and only employ American glassblowers.  Our two companies have different styles, audiences, and products, but we share a common origin story.  GRAV pays royalties to American Helix to continue using our GRAV Helix designs, and we’re proud to support Will and all our amazing and talented collaborators.

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