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GRAV® Dab Starter Kit Bundle
GRAV® Dab Starter Kit Bundle - GRAV®
GRAV® Dab Starter Kit Bundle
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The Dab Starter kit pairs an elegant dab rig with a high-end banger and carb cap for a stellar dabbing experience. You even get a dab mat to keep it all.

The Rain Bubbler’s gentle curves and small size fit your hand like they were made for each other. As a result, hits are smooth yet heady, packing significant power. And the curved interior walls help to encourage water to whirl for stellar cooling.

The Seamless Banger design traps heat and maintains temperature longer.

The fully worked connection between the bucket and the neck gives a smooth look while adding to the overall strength of the banger. Additionally, the 45-degree curve makes dabbing easier for rigs with an angled downstem.

This directional Yo-yo airflow carb cap will bring out the best of your concentrates by improving the quality and control of your dabs. In addition, by trapping and retaining heat, the user can maneuver the carb cap around to modify airflow, which improves convection at lower temperatures.

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Designed by: GRAV
Joint: 14mm Female
Main material: Borosilicate
Use with: Concentrate