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GRAV® Festival Bundle
GRAV® Festival Bundle
GRAV® Festival Bundle
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The buzz of the crowd. Discovering new music. Out-of-the-ordinary experiences. 

That’s festival season, friends. Hit the next event on your calendar well-equipped with the GRAV® Festival Bundle of durable, portable pieces—at 15% off the individual product prices. 

What’s included: 


• One 16mm GRAV® Octotaster with Silicone Skin in Avocado Green


• One GRAV® Glass Joint Package, including a Fill-Your-Own Glass Joint 7-Pack with Mouthpiece, and a 7-Pack Filling System


• One GRAV® Bandana in Navy
• One pack of GRAV® Hologram Stickers (includes 5 stickers)
• PLUS a discount code for 10% off your next purchase
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