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  • By Brandon Minton
  • 2022-09-23 | Sep 23, 2022
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What Pipes Would Superheroes Smoke?

For National Comic Book Day, we thought it would be fun to ponder what pipes would match well with our favorite superheroes. So we've scoured our comic collections and talked to our in-house comic experts to develop this high-flying list of protagonists and their pipe pairings. 

What Superheroes Have Smoked Weed?

The answer is not many. There are a few instances of golden age comics featuring episodes of reefer madness, but only to condemn what we know today as the hero of plants.

Perhaps the most well-known is the total bat shit crazy three-part Batman story arc Leaves of Grass. This story involves Batman zooming down to a level of criminal intrigue that makes the drug war look gentle. Batman notices that a new potent genetically modified super weed has hit the streets, and everyone who tries it is instantly hooked.

Dealers go to war over the new strain, and Gotham is thrown into even more gang violence than usual. Batman discovered that this new bud was a creation of the sinister Florinic Man. In what is probably the most excellent line in the series, the Florinic Man states, "I don't want to rule the world. I just want to get it stoned."

Swamp Thing uses his impressive regenerative powers in another epic instant of cannabis in comics. While attending John Constantines' birthday party, Swamp Thing decides to liven things up by growing a small pot plant to be fully budded. 

The green elemental uses his powers of regrowth again when he takes too much damage and cannot get back to his home in the swamp. Finally, he finds a pot farm and rebuilds himself out of hempen vines. The resulting new form of Swamp Thing wears a crown of weed leaves.

weed swamp thing

Superhero Pot Strains

Of course, it's no surprise that wide varieties of cannabis are named after a superhero. One might expect the classicly green heroes to be on this list, and they are; Hulk, Green Lantern, and the villain Green Goblin all have stains named after them. 

But comic book references in the pot go further than just color to reference the power of the plant. Take, for instance, the potent Indica known as Kryptonite which has opposite effects compared to Superman OG. It's funny that pot growers went with Thor's Hammer as a strain name rather than Mjöllnir, but that may have been harder for some people to pronounce when stoned.

Super Heroes and their GRAV Pipe Pairings

We imagined what these iconic heroes would smoke from if they chose to partake. Here is our list of heroes we think need to smoke a bowl and what pipe they would use.

 grav dugout

1.  Batman - The GRAV Dugout in Black. Batman is all about efficiently using his equipment, which should be black. The GRAV Dugout is made of space-shuttle aluminum, and the level on your stash can be checked quickly in the viewing window. It's durable, discreet, and fits perfectly in a utility belt.

helix milti

2.  Batgirl - The Helix Multi. Throughout her career, she has focused on solving crimes by exploring every option and remaining versatile. The Helix Multi exhibits these qualities through its ability to swap chambers and bowls.

The empress

3. Wonder Woman - The Empress. Wonder Woman is a goddess who embodies both strength and grace. Like Diana, the Empress stands tall, is stunningly beautiful, and packs a punch.


4.  Sandman - The Hourglass. The mysterious and romantic hero, Morpheus, the god of sleep, would most definitely pair well with a timepiece pipe because, well, sand.

globe bubbler

5.  Asterix & Obelix - Spherical Pocket and Globe Bubblers. Asterix is an indomitable little Gaul doing his best to keep his community together in the face of Roman invasion, and Obelix is his massive but tender-hearted best friend. The combination of small pocket pipe and tabletop bubbler represents their bond of strength and friendship.

hammer bubbler

6.  Thor - GRAV Hammer. Well, this one was a no-brainer. Thor likes fighting with his hammer or axe, and since we don't have an axe-shaped pipe yet, the Hammer Bubbler makes perfect sense. In addition, the Hammer Bubbler is an excellent balance between a hand pipe and a bong.

Rain Bubbler


7.  Poison Ivy - The Rain Bubbler. Flowers need to grow, and Poison Ivy loves all things rejuvenating and powerful. The Rain Bubbler exemplifies the organic and curvy nature of this fem Fatale.

pebble spoon

8.  Thanos - Five Pebble Spoons of Power. Thanos likes to collect things and enjoys a balanced environment. Each of these pebble spoons represents a particular stone that Thanos obsessed over. These spoon pipes are evenly shaped and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or slotted into your gauntlet.

helix beaker

9. Storm -  The Helix. Storm can control the weather and shapes it for her purposes. She often uses the powers of storms to electrocute and blow her opponents away. The Helix Beaker harnesses the same ability to affect clouds by spinning the smoke in the chamber into a mesmerizing cyclone.

slush cup

10. Harley Quinn - The Slush Cup or Wig Wag Spoon. Harley is a woman-about-town who embraces big city life's chaos and challenges. The Slush Cup is ideal for someone who needs one hand free to wield a giant mallet. The Wig-Wag spoon conveys Harley's appreciation for vivid colors and bold patterns.

The upline

11. Spiderman - The Upline. No one deserves to chill out more and smoke a bowl than Peter Parker. This poor dude can barely pay rent and has to regularly save the city from destruction while trying to maintain an active dating life. The tall Upline represents the towering skyline that Spiderman traverses daily.

milk carton

12. Homelander - The Milk Carton. This superhero turned sociopathic villain who can't be stopped has a strange obsession with milk. Homelander enjoys milk any way he can but will settle for the carton if that's the only option. The GRAV Milk Carton would look great in Homelanders gloved hands and works well as a bubbler pipe or a dab rig.

These are our picks for the best Pipe and Superhero pairings from our large selection of GRAV pipes. Find your perfect pairing today by shopping our masterfully crafted glass pipes collection.

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