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  • By Kate McDermott
  • 2024-01-19 | Jan 19, 2024
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Smoke Signals: Your 2024 Horoscopes (& the Piece You Need To Crush This Year)

We’ve been studying the smoke and communing with the clouds. And the message we’re getting is that exciting things are on the horizon. Get your 2024 horoscope…and find out what GRAV® piece brings your big Zodiac energy into the new year.


Aries 2024 Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

That dynamic lifeforce and fiery spirit will be at their peak this year. Honestly, it’s exhausting to watch—aren’t you tired? If you’re not careful, you could burn up and burn out. Keep an eye open for exciting opportunities and unexpected adventures, but don’t forget to pause for breath.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Eclipse Rig

For the firebrand Aries, we’re heating things up. The hard-hitting GRAV® Eclipse Rig will help you take much-needed breaks during the new year. Superheat the heat-resistant quartz bucket with your torch to instantly vaporize concentrate for dense hits. When it gets hot, you get cool.

Taurus 2024 Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

Your unique blend of stability and sensuality remains your superpower, bull buddy. This year you’ll be opening yourself up to new creative endeavors—and you’ve got the practical bona fides to see your projects through. Keep an eye on your love of luxury, or you could spread your resources a bit thin. Look for daily rituals that won’t break the bank, like a sumptuous smoke sesh.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Spherical Pocket Bubbler

Every Taurus loves their little treats. Smoking is a true delight with the GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler. Beautifully made with high-quality borosilicate, this piece gives you water-cooled hits in an elegant package. Use the included bowl for flower, or add a pre-rolled blunt. You can also swap out a 10mm banger for dabs, or use a joint-style dry herb vaporizer.


It’s practical, delightful, and versatile, just like you. It even comes in earth sign-friendly colors, like Light Cobalt and Lake Green.


Gemini 2024 Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

Everything’s coming up Milhouse in 2024, Gemini. If you put in the effort this year, the rewards could be big, whether your focus is on your personal development, relationships with that big social circle, or your career. Just don’t lose that intellectual curiosity we love about you…it makes you one hell of a trivia partner.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Milk Carton Bubbler

Play up your playful side with the GRAV® Milk Carton Bubbler. The spacious open chamber lets you build milky hits before clearing it in a smooth gulp. It’s a conversation starter for sure! And it comes in whimsical colors like Pink and Lake Green. We dare you to find a more charming bubbler.


June 21 - July 22

Ah compassionate, cozy Cancer. This is a year for new ventures, packed with potential in your career and creative work. If you haven’t already fitted your home out to maximum vibes, now is the time. Your environment can have a big impact on you, so a sweet sanctuary can help you turn dreaming into doing.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Rain Bubbler

What’s cozier than a rainy day? Light a candle, pick up your favorite book, and snuggle up with the GRAV® Rain Bubbler. This compact piece curves to your hand so well you may forget you’re holding it. Hits are smooth and powerful, just like you. And it’s easy to clean, so you won’t have a grimy eyesore ruining the mood.

Leo 2024 Horoscope

July 23 - August 22

This could be a year of big change for you, Leo. (Although with your charisma and confidence, nothing as prosaic as the stars could hold you back.) Finances, career, friendships—there are exciting opportunities on the horizon. A major solar eclipse will cross the skies on April 8th, and you’re ruled by the sun. Flameo, hotman. So take extra special care of yourself around that time.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Empress Water Pipe

Amp up the drama with the GRAV® Empress Water Pipe, the only piece that can match you for confidence. At a stately 13” tall, this beautiful bong stands tall and proud. An 8-cut diamond perc will give you ultra smooth pulls, and the long neck keeps the mouthpiece dry and ash-free. (You may be a fire sign, but no one likes ash in their mouth.) Comes in Clear and Smoke.

Virgo 2024 Horoscope

August 23 - September 22

You know that thing you’ve been working on for ages? This could be the year it comes to fruition. But you already knew that, you spreadsheet-loving, list-making, methodical mogul. With all that work success, make sure you’re not neglecting the people you love, or your own well-being. Eat right, sleep well, and slay.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Medium Beaker Base Water Pipe

Could there be anything more on-brand for a meticulous tastemaker like you than the GRAV® Medium Beaker Base Water Pipe? It’s sleek. Simple. Iconic. A removable fission downstem is super easy to clean. A geometric pinch acts as an ice catch and splash guard. Clear this beauty and get down to business.

Since you like things to be just right, there are hella options for this bong. Get it in Small, Medium, or Large. We even make it with slick black accents in all three sizes.

Libra 2024 Horoscope

September 23 - October 22

2024 could be a year of romance for you, Libra. That may mean a new relationship, a time of balance and harmony with a long-term partner, or new levels of self-love. Enjoy low-key hangs with your friends and usher in abundance later in the year when you’re at your most charming.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

Balance is your bag, and the GRAV® Hourglass Pocket Bubbler delivers it. This cute companion will help you maintain your equilibrium this year. It rests comfortably in your hand and delivers smooth hits from a 10mm bowl.

Of course, if you’re looking to play up your “host with the most” side this year, you can always go for a GRAV® Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints Party Pack. Get 56 glass joint cartridges to fill and pass out at one of your legendary parties. (Or keep them all for yourself. We won’t judge.)

Scorpio 2024 Horoscope

October 23 - November 21

Passionate, magnetic, mysterious Scorpios. Could you leave a little charisma for the rest of us? As much as they draw others in, Scorpios can self-isolate. Reach out to friends and nurture your relationships this year. You’ll be glad you did on the inevitable hard days. And balance out that intensity with rest and relaxation throughout the year.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Globe Bubbler in Smoke

Celebrate your inscrutable side with a piece in shadowy smoke glass. The GRAV® Globe Bubbler in Smoke has a 12-cut trumpet perc for even smoke distribution and a smooth pull. Three layers of smoke glass deepen the color in the center, drawing you into its mysteries. This is a great solo piece, but you can pass it around to pals too.


Sagittarius 2024 Horoscope

November 22 - December 21

Your free spirit and optimism can open the door to enormous opportunities this year. Embrace change (not like that’s ever a problem for you) and see where your boundless energy can take you. If you put in the work, the luck just may follow.


Your 2024 Sidekick: 16mm Octo-taster with Silicone Skin

A wanderer like you needs a reliable travel companion. The GRAV® Octo-taster in Silicone Skin is just such a friend. A durable silicone wrap stretches from end-to-end. Pre-fill the bowl and cap it with the silicone cover so it’s ready when you are. To smoke, just fold the silicone back and light up.


The silicone cover will protect your piece from drops or shocks—perfect for sightseeing and exploring. And it comes in six different colors, including fire-sign-friendly Scarlet Orange.


Capricorn 2024 Horoscope

December 22 - January 19

Other people have dreams. You have plans. And we love that about you. This could be the year those plans start to bear fruit. As you dominate, don’t forget to celebrate the minor victories—they’re the stepping stones to your impressive achievements.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Medium Straight Base Water Pipe w/ Disc Perc

You keep things practical, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be slick as all get out. The GRAV® Medium Straight Base Water Pipe w/ Disc Perc fits the bill. It’s a minimalist beauty with major function. A geometric pinch acts as an ice catcher, and a honeycomb disc perc effortlessly aerates and cools your smoke. It’s a boss pipe for a boss person—like you.

Aquarius 2024 Horoscope

January 20 - February 18

Oooh the cosmos are digging you this year, Aquarius. Money? Abundant. Romance? Flourishing. Career? Crushing it. You could have a lot to be grateful for. But with your humanitarian spirit, we know you’ll pay it forward however you can. Your ability to envision a better future makes you a guiding light for those around you.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Helix Clear Beaker Base Water Pipe

Aquarius is an air sign, and your symbol is the water bearer. Nothing combines air and water better than the GRAV® Helix Clear Beaker Base Water Pipe. In the base, a removable showerhead downstem pulls smoke effortlessly through water. Then, the Venturi chamber’s three air intake holes whirl smoke in a cooling vortex for extra cooling. It’s a little unusual and a lot delightful.

Pisces 2024 Horoscope

February 19 - March 20

You’ll be swimming in the waters of self-discovery in 2024, Pisces. Journaling, therapy, meditation—all can help you stay grounded as you navigate the year’s obstacles. It won’t always be smooth sailing, but trust your instincts and your creativity will steer you right. Don’t let trauma dumpers take advantage of your empathy.


Your 2024 Sidekick: Gandalf

Embrace your dreamy side with the GRAV® Gandalf. It’s a loooooong-stemmed hand pipe perfect for long solo sessions and deep thoughts. Pack the wide bowl with enough herb for a couple substantial hits. The distance from bowl to mouthpiece gives smoke a little cooling space before it reaches you. Comes in nine lovely colors to suit your artistic demeanor.


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