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  • 2022-12-19 | Dec 19, 2022
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The octobowl is a style of GRAV® component bowl that features a glass screen across its restriction. Contrary to its name, the glass screen has six (not eight) arms branching out from a central axis. The glass screen is inserted after the rest of the bowl is finished, and then gently heated to weld it in place. The screen prevents ash and plant debris from entering the pipe. Octobowls have a glass handle extending from one side so they can be lifted safely even while hot. Octobowls are available with both male and female joints in 14mm and 19mm. They're considered an upgrade to the traditional cup and funnel bowls, and so they're paired with some of GRAV® higher-end pieces, such as Turbine and Upline water pipes.
Tags : Pipe Anatomy

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