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word:     Venturi Chamber

A Venturi chamber is a glass structure that spins, cools, and aerates smoke. The chamber is shaped like a broad funnel with three evenly spaced holes pushed into the widest point of the curve. Smoke enters from the wide end of the chamber and travels toward the opening at the tip of the funnel. As smoke is pulled into the chamber, air is also pulled through the three holes. Because the air-intake holes are pushed into the wall of the chamber at an angle, they direct the smoke and air into a spinning column resembling a helix. Venturi chambers are the signature feature of all Helix products. As air is added to the smoke stream in a Helix pipe, it cools the smoke, making a smoother hit. Because hits from a Helix have a higher ratio of air to smoke compared to other pipes, they're easier for our lungs to absorb, meaning less plant matter is used per smoking session.
Tags : Pipe Anatomy

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